The Bible

The Bible, the book that conquered the hearts of millions of people. The book showing the greatness and fall of mankind. Translated into thousands of languages, a book to which millions of people entrust their lives and eternity. A book written during more than sixteen hundred years by more than sixty authors, but behind those there is only one, the one who created the Earth, the skies, the stars, the oceans and everything in this universe. One whose words are true and truthful, full of power, that give life, abundance, love and hope. Words stronger than the powers that hold the universe.

Completed in the first century, it very quickly starts being translated into the languages we speak today. Some nations, such as the European ones, accept the Bible much more than others. Unfortunately, as the Bible itself foretells, people who pretend to be leaders in the faith, begin turning it into a means for profit. They quickly find out how easy it is to live taking advantage of people’s conscience. In the name of God they demand more and more of them.

The dark ages of the faith in the god begin. The word of the god is forgotten and forbidden. Reading the Bible is a problem. Translating it, unthinkable.

A ray of hope arrives with the Reformation. Once again the European nations show their love for the god and his word. Erasmus, Beza, Jan Hus, etc., are all people who one way or another wish to see the word of the god in their own tongue. Translations of the Bible shortly encompass the whole of the Western world. The tradition and inertia from that time are like a train that is still moving even today.

Unfortunately, just like in the proverb told by our lord Jesus, this train is like a master of a house that brings out new and old things out of his treasury. The new things are the Bible translations, while the old ones are the traditions of the churches, accumulated in the preceding ages of darkness. People are still killed because of their faith and the followers of Jesus still wage war against each other. The shedding of blood does not cease.

The traditions of the church need to be “legitimized”, the people must see their “legitimacy” before the god. What better way to do that than to make the Bible translations “adequate” to their old dark customs? They achieve this with success and the Bible is forever marked by the darkness preceding the translations. Thus, parts of the Bible remains untranslated even till today.

For the first time in four hundred years the god has called people to disperse this darkness and show the whole planet the uncleanliness which these false and twisted translations bring.

After more than twenty five years of preparations the god has commanded the Bible to be translated fully. The work has just began. The opposition, as expected, is huge. Religious leaders either deny, ignore or actively persecute that which rebukes them.

Despite that, there are a number of things already fixed and translated.