The unity in the holy spirit

How and in what ways do modern and not so modern churches manipulate you, regarding the god’s will about the believer’s life?

We have but one Bible, one faith, one submersion, but thousands of churches (sects) which all proclaim two things very clearly: We are the one who know what the word of the god says and whatever you do you must choose a church. Both are in a way true, but also false. And that is how the deception works, as it would not be a deception if anyone could clearly and easily discern that it is a lie mixed in with truth.

To purposefully choose a sect, which separates you from the rest of the christians, when the Bible tells you we are one body of the anointed Jesus, the son of the god, and then proclaim that we are one is basically schizophrenic and is what occurs with the minds of the people: If they truly pick a sect, be it orthodox, catholic or protestant, they will have to live with those schizophrenic thoughts until the end of their stay in that particular religious organization. Just try to imagine if it is at all possible for a person to have a healthy/wise mind while living this schizophrenic doctrine and practice.

In difference, the Bible teaches us that we are one body, we have one Bible, the word of the god, and so on, thus we must learn unity. And since in the Bible is the word of the living god, by logic we should obey this word more than any others by humans. Therefore, if you abandon your sectarian behavior today and return to the unity of the body, refuse to be called with another name other than god’s, since today you are catholic, orthodox, or any other similar one, then in that exact moment you will begin to return to the will of the god for your life.

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